The Plutarch Project, Volume One



RadioCover” Writing studies for Plutarch’s Lives is a bit like watching my husband restore a 1934 Crosley Fiver radio. (It was one of the first radios you could just bring home from the store, plug in, and listen to.) …Plutarch doesn’t need me to make his Lives work. I am the first one to insist that I am not a classical scholar… About the only thing that qualified me to take this project on is that, like my husband, I like to take covers off and see what’s inside. What I have tried to do is make Plutarch more of a plug-in model than a workbench project.” (From the introduction to The Plutarch Project, Volume One)

For those of you scratching your heads over the title,  Marcus Cato the Censor, Philopoemen, and Titus Flamininus are the three AmblesideOnline Plutarch studies scheduled for this year. They are available free on the AO website, and will continue to be available there, but there have often been requests to put them into a Kindle or book format…so we’re doing both.

And if you’re not sure which one you want, Kindle’s Price Match program means you can buy the e-book for 99 cents, when you buy (or if you’ve bought) the print version through Look down the right-hand side of the book page, and you’ll see the details.