Study Guide for In Vital Harmony by Karen Glass

In 2019, the Charlotte Mason community was excited to see the publication of In Vital Harmony: Charlotte Mason and the Natural Laws of Education, by Karen Glass, which presents Mason’s Principles of Education in a fresh way for educators and parents of our own century.

In book study groups, I have found that having a few questions (not too many!) helps to open up discussion and keep it on track. With Karen’s permission, I created a free, downloadable set of chapter-by-chapter study questions that can be used by groups or individuals studying In Vital Harmony. They may be reproduced as needed for personal or group use, but may not be used for commercial purposes.

“If new ideas are sound, they will harmonize with the truths we understand…We will be able to choose wisely and have confidence in what we are doing as teachers when we know we are standing upon solid educational truths.” (Karen Glass)