Charlotte Mason is powerful: a little more

Over on Archipelago this week: CM is powerful, Part II and Part III.

In the book Marva Collins’ Way, the first chapter begins with a description of the first day of school in Mrs. Collins’ class, about forty years ago. She did not begin the school year with a game; she began with the words “The first thing we are going to do in here, children, is an awful lot of believing in ourselves.” Then she handed out copies of Emerson’s “Self-Reliance.”

Now we may not all be great fans of Emerson, or think that his essays are an essential part of the second grade curriculum; but Marva Collins had a point. She also had something in common with Charlotte Mason, who insisted that true education was self-education. Self-reliance, strengthening the will, thinking independently (while still recognizing responsibility and duty); knowing that “I can”: these were essential goals of a CM education.

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