On a more practical note: reducing fabric waste

“Therefore, we make real decisions, realizing that when we choose between things, we are choosing between ideas. A simple example might be wondering whether to buy discount-store clothing made in overseas factories. You want to buy a t-shirt for your child; is it better to protest exploitation of workers by buying only thrift store or “fair trade” clothing? Buying fabric and sewing it yourself? (Where does the fabric come from?) … This is suddenly not so simple.” (Minds More Awake)

Funny how ideas come back when you’re not looking for them. Charlotte Mason told a story about seeing the long-remembered subject of “feather hangings” one day when she opened a magazine.  I am not a frequent sewer, but I occasionally do browse through the posts at Sew Mama Sew, especially at this time of year when (I hope) they will soon begin the annual gift-making tutorials.

SMS recently posted an article by Addie Martindale titled “How Home Sewists Can Reduce Textile Waste,” which offers practical help in purchasing and using fabric as consciously as we may already do with readymade clothing.

“As I learn more and more about the impact that textile and production waste is having on the world, I have decided to consciously sew less. I know this idea might surprise you as a sewist, and I do not expect you to drastically change your sewing. I just want you to be informed and tell you about some small– yet impactful– changes you can make.” 

Even if you don’t sew, it’s interesting to see how the thought process of choice works.