Matt Bianco reminds us why we don’t eat toadstools, and an Advent bonus

Earlier in the year, I did a series of posts on Mortimer J. Adler’s Ten Philosophical Mistakes. Much of what he had to say was on the topic of knowledge. What can we know? How do we know that we know it? Can we really teach anyone anything?  According to Adler, it is a philosophical mistake to believe (like Descartes) that knowledge is illegitimate if we simply receive it from someone else.

In the most recent post on the Circe Institute blog, Matt Bianco comes back to that same question, in “Forgetting Remembering.”

“Education that cultivates wisdom and virtue is education that passes on the time-tested and time-honored wisdom of the ages, helping us to navigate the murky waters of justice, temperance, virtue, truth, goodness, beauty, grace, mercy, faith, and love…Human beings are not only communal creatures, but we are also remembering creatures.”

As a seasonal bonus, Circe’s podcast Quiddity #59 (Advent Edition) features Christine Perrin and Matt Bianco discussing T.S. Eliot’s “The Journey of the Magi.” (You can hear T.S. Eliot reading his poem here.)

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