Plutarch humour: because that’s what anybody would do, right?

“The next morning Antonius assembled the Senate, and called for Cicero by name. Cicero refused to goe, and kept his bedde, fayning that he was werie with his jorney and paines he had taken the day before : but in deede, the cause why he went not, was, for feare and suspicion of an ambushe that was layed for him by the way, if he had gone, as he was informed by one of his verie good frends.

“Antonius was marvelously offended that they did wrongfully accuse him, for laying of
any ambush for him : and therefore sent souldiers to his house, and commaunded them to bring him by force, or else to sette his house a fire.”

~~ Plutarch, Life of Cicero

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