Saviour alike of all

from “Christmas,” by Isabella Whiteford Rogerson (1835-1905)

Saviour alike of all,
      King, shepherd, great and small;
Only the sinless could for sin atone;
      And so the King above,
      Pure, holy, full of love,
Came down to die for sin — sin not His own.     

 What wonder we should raise
      Our loftiest hymns of praise,
And keep with sacred joy this Christmas day!
      What wonder earthly grief
      Through Him should find relief,
And like the snow in summer pass away!      

Hail, blessed Christmas morn,
      On which our Lord was born!
We want more love and loyalty to Him,
      Who paid our ransom down,
      A kingdom and a crown —
Our love should soar beyond the Seraphim.

A selection of poems by Isabella Whiteford Rogerson is included in the new book Canadian Companion to the AmblesideOnline Poetry Anthology (Amazon U.S., Amazon Canada). Her poems can also be read on the AO website.

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