A podcast, a retreat, and a blogpost

The blogpost first:  the final installment of “Charlotte Mason is powerful” is up at Archipelago.

The retreat? The third annual L’Harmas weekend in Kingsville, Ontario, which starts tomorrow evening and runs through Saturday.  One thing I like about Kingsville (besides the retreat) is that, being somewhat south of here, they’re a couple of weeks behind us on the late-autumn weather . It’s not a tropical vacation, but it’s close!

And the podcast? I spent a very enjoyable hour yesterday discussing Charlotte Mason, books, and Plutarch with Cindy Rollins, for the Mason Jar podcast series sponsored by the Circe Institute. I’ve enjoyed listening to the previous editions of The Mason Jar (scroll back through the Circe blog), especially the ones with Dr. Jack Beckman and Karen Glass…and Kim Neve…actually that makes almost all of them except for the Q&A sessions, which are interesting too.

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