For Plutarch fans: “The Ten Best Ancient Romans”

Passing on a link that a friend shared:  The Ten Best Ancient Romans, by Professor Mary Beard in The Guardian. (Parents please note:  there are some adult-content references.)

Personally I would have included Publicola, or maybe Pyrrhus.  But I liked the reference to Caecilius, because when I had my one year of high school Latin, I did use the Cambridge Latin course, and I do remember “Caecilius est pater, Metella est mater.”

“Recently he has become the unlikely hero of young Latin learners as the lead character in the most popular Latin course in the country – the Cambridge Latin Course. The phrase “Caecilius est in horto” (“Caecilius is in the garden”) will bring smiles or tears to the most hard-bitten classroom veterans.”

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